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The Kinetic sculptures

my passion for found objects, movement, and creation
Cyan Dragonfly

Spinal hardware, acid etched copper wings, brass, music box elements, and a drive pulley from a trashed Toyota Camry engine (I neglected to change the oil).


Height: 4.5 inches

Wingspan: 10.5 inches



Burnt Mechanical Butterfly

Crank driven, with a nod to the ancient tale of Icarus. The wings of this insect are fire-blackened wood. The driftwood was found in Washington state's Carbon River. Includes expired spinal surgery hardware.


Notice the band of silver that gives strength to the charred wood. It flaps its wings beautifully.


Wall mounted

Height: 1 foot 7 inches

Wingspan: 8 inches



Brasswing Butterfly

Wings hand cut from a thick brass "kick-plate" removed from an old Seattle building before demolition. Wire collected from the branches of Bonsai trees at the Weyerhaeuser Bonsai collection. And part of a broken lamp from my grandmothers garage. Also two pennies.


Here you can also see the flooring nail, part of one of my grandpas fishing lures, hardware from a barometer, and some gears from a gas powered RC car.


Height: 1 foot 4 inches tall

Wingspan: 5 inches



Firefly Jar I

Inspired by an unexpected experience I had as a kid.


Flip the knife switch on top and the bugs inside glow... turn the crank and they also bob around independent of eachother.


Lucite cylinder, wood construction, brass mechanics, flourescent beads, and simple electronics. 


1 foot 5 inches tall

8.5 inches wide






Blue Dragonfly

Brass kick-plate, upholstery nails, discarded wood. Wings made from handmade paper and brass.

Includes the internals of two watches and a fiery opal from my wife's great grandmothers favorite necklace.


Not for Sale


Height: 3 inches

Wingspan 8 inches




Gold and Poplar Butterfly
(work in progress)

Gold, brass, found wood, titanium, one of great grandpa Inch's long springs.


Includes expired hardware normally used in spinal surgery... which I think is pretty cool.


The mechanics of this piece will be changing significantly over the next months, join me on instagram as it grows in complexity and beauty!



Wall Mounted

Height: 2 feet 3 inches

Wingspan 8 inches




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