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Mine Your Mind I: For Profit

Learn how to discover stunningly original ideas without stealing them:

Kirby Ferguson speaking for TED does an amazing job of convincing us that creativity is actually one of these three:




He explains in his short talk that the concept of an "original idea" is an evaporating one.

In a different TED talk, Austin Kleon teaches us... drumroll... exactly the same thing:

"Nothing is original"

His book "Steal Like an Artist" gets into this more deeply.

I think these guys have missed something.

How do we get ideas that no one can trace to their origins?

Originality is a strong craving these days and it comes to us from both inside and outside of us. Each of the following fountainheads of novel ideas is a link to its own post. In each short article you will discover a brief description so you can choose whether you would like to try the method. Also, you will find a story with full directions to get you going if you decide to try it.


- "List Breeding"


- Conversations with Children

- Group Brainstorming

- Play and Improv

- Misinterpretation of quiet noises and vague shapes

        About this site:   

My site has three closely related focuses.


  • First: I aim to share my kinetic sculptures, and the process by which they are created.


  • Second: Maybe you are someone who suspects that you haven’t reached your greatest creative potential. This site will change that.


  • Third: I will give voice to the deep connection with God we experience as we echo His fundamental identity… Creator.



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